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HTC Advantage 7501 (Unlocked) Discount !!

by bcelldroid on June 16, 2014

HTC Advantage 7501 (Unlocked)
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HTC Advantage 7501 (Unlocked)
The most powerful mobile office to date, the HTC Advantage 7501 is lighter, more compact, and more portable that even the smallest PC notebook. Offering online connectivity anytime, anywhere, it’s the ideal companion for the business traveller who needs instant access to email and the capability to view and edit on-network Microsoft Office documents, including Excel, Word, or PowerPoint files. It includes a thin, magnetically connected QWERTY keyboard and a brightly colorful 5-inch LCD screen. And with its 3G cellular (HSDPA-ready), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities, you stay connected to the world.

With the Windows Mobile 6 operating system, you can view and edit Word and Excel documents as well as keep in contact with associates using the Windows Live Messenger IM application. (See more details about Windows Mobile 6 below.) The included Outlook Mobile software offers up-to-date e-mail, calendar and contact information. If you use the Advantage 7501 in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server, you can get instant e-mail from your work account as well as enhanced security features that let you clear data from a device if it is stolen or require high-security passwords to access information.

The full QWERTY keyboard attaches to the touchscreen magnetically for easy laptop-style input. For storage, it provides an on-board 8 GB flash memory and can be expanded using miniSD memory cards. Use the TV Out feature to output contents on the screen onto an external display such as a Projector or TV when doing presentations or sharing photos. It also features a 3-megapixel camera with autofocus and a built-in flash.

Its 5-inch VGA color touchscreen and innovative, magnetic QWERTY keyboard are ideal not just for editing Microsoft Office documents, but also for enjoying leisure time. You can watch videos, browse the web, use instant Outlook push e-mail, synchronize your contacts, tasks, and calendar.

Running the Windows Mobile 6, the HTC Advantage 7501 provides familiar Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, and Outlook. Power of a PC
The HTC Advantage 7501 has a huge 8 GB hard drive, 256 MB of ROM and 128 MB of RAM combined with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0, so you can run your most demanding business applications and store all the documents and files you need. It runs on the 624 MHz Intel XScale PXA270 CPU with with an ATi W2284 graphic chip.

Global connectivity
With its always-on, high-speed global connectivity, the Advantage 7501 keeps you in contact and contactable worldwide. As well as your email being “pushed” to you instantly, you can wirelessly synchronise files when away from the office so you’re always up to speed with what’s going on in your world.

Communication choices
The Advantage 7501′s on-board Wi-Fi and stereo Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities open up a world of communication options. It also supports the GPRS data protocol, as well as the high-speed EDGE wireless data service and UMTS 3G wireless broadband. (Note that 2100 Mhz UMTS service is not offered by any U.S. carrier.)



  • Laptop-style cellular phone with powerful Windows Mobile 6 Professional operating system
  • Connect anywhere with 3G/HSDPA and Wi-Fi, Built-In GPS and stereo Bluetooth 2.0
  • 5-inch VGA LCD touchscreen display and detachable QWERTY keyboard
  • Provides familiar Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Internal 8GB hard drive, expands via miniSD cards; 3-megapixel camera for stills and video

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